"Let One of The Most Knowledgeable Investment Gurus Show You The Most Effective Ways To Build Real Wealth"

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"How Much Longer Are You Going To Slave Your Life Away For Peanuts, When You Could Be Sitting Pretty and Playing With the 'Big Boys' Of The Investment World?"

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"Savvy Investing"
A Revolutionary Course In Making The Markets Work For You!

If you're a struggling investor, or are just thinking about putting your hard earned money into the markets, stop right now! Don't make a move until you check out this revolutionary e-mail course that gives you all the know-how you need to make the markets work for you, including....


  • The foolproof way to find the best available investment vehicle at any moment in time, even when others are pouring their money into sinkholes and sure-lose propositions.

  • The insider secrets to getting in at the right price and -- even more important! -- getting out with the profits you want.

  • How to launch yourself into the big time world of investing, even if you can't scrape together your first thousand dollars! (This idea alone is so powerful, you'll probably keep using it even after you're making big money in the markets.)

  • The truth behind "risk" and "reward" for investors that ordinary advisors won't tell you. In fact, most of them will deny the obvious and try to lead you down the garden path. But with what you'll learn in this course, you'll side-step their traps, time and time again.

  • A "war chest" of proven investment techniques, tools, and vehicles that will let you play the markets like a master during any kind of economic climate, from bubbles to depressions, and everything in between.

And much, much more.

From: Robert Moskowitz, Santa Monica, CA.

Dear Successful Investor:

If you're like most other people, you probably believe that successful investing is mostly a matter of buying low and selling high. You read the stories of Warren Buffett and others and you think you can easily follow in their footsteps.

But then you came up against the harsh reality of investing: either you tried it and couldn't make it work, or you stayed on the sidelines (usually a smarter thing to do, until you have the necessary know-how) because you couldn't be sure enough of when to buy or when to sell at the right price.

Even worse, you probably felt humiliated because you told your friends and family about your investment plans, and maybe even shared a few of your early winning trades. Then, when the odds finally caught up with you and your investments began to look worse than you'd hoped, you had to hide your head and fudge the answers to their questions about "how are you doing in the markets?"

Let's face it, it's an extremely painful experience. I know. I've made a lot of foolish investments in my time. And I know first-hand the frustrations and the disappointment of looking at those negative numbers, and -- even worse -- having to share those negative numbers with friends and with loved ones.

But it doesn't have to be that way in the future. I can help you make your investments work as well -- or better -- than you ever dared dream!

My name is Robert Moskowitz and I've been studying and writing about the world of investments since 1968. You may not know my name, but that's not important. What's important is that I can give you all the information, background knowledge, tools and techniques you'll need to get into the game of big-time investing, and to be a winner. I'm so sure I can help you that I'm willing to make you a "no risk" offer: take my course, and after you complete it if you're not convinced it gives you the tools you need to be a successful investor, I'll give you back every penny -- no questions asked.

The truth is, most investors don't do as well as you think. In fact, the vast majority of professional money managers -- people who are paid to invest other people's money -- can't even match the performance of the broad stock market from one year to the next. Most private and amateur investors earn a pittance on their money, and far too many of them wind up losing. It's a shame, because once you understand investments and investing, it's fairly simple to make steady, significant gains year after year, regardless of what the economy is doing. 

Why not give yourself a chance to be successful? Sign up now. I promise you'll be a better investor for it.

Course Title: Savvy Investing - An Introduction To Successful Investing For The Rest Of Your Life

Available: Anywhere in the world, sent to you via your own personal e-mail address.
Cost: $40 for 8 weeks of e-mail course lessons.

With the current status of the stock market, the bond market, and other investment vehicles, it's time for you to take control of your own future by making the best possible use of your cash, and your entire investment portfolio.

The course takes you from a standing start and with very little time, trouble, or trial-by-error gradually transforms you into a savvy investor. You'll learn right away how to start building an investment nest egg, where to put your money for maximum return with minimum risk, and - by the end of the course - how to take advantage of the sophisticated investment strategies and tactics that most investors don't understand, or are reluctant to try, but that have made thousands of investors just like you into millionaires!

Course Description: This is an eight lesson "self study" course that comes to you by e-mail. You can read the material at your convenience, and put it into practice at your own pace. Plus, you have the opportunity to converse with your instructor by e-mail during the entire course period.

The course covers: Savings and Spending, Money-Markets, Mutual Funds, Certificates Of Deposit, Real Estate and Home Ownership, Stocks, Bonds, Options, Commodities, Financial Planning, Insurance, Portfolio Theory, Investment Research, Retirement Planning, Borrowing For Investment, Budgeting For Expenditures and Investments, Protecting Your Assets Under Various Economic Scenarios, Investing For Income, Capital Gains, and Total Return, Keeping Your Broker Working For You, Margin Investing, Short Selling, Meeting Your Retirement Goals, and much more.

Course Instructor: Robert Moskowitz, author of "How To Organize Your Work and Your Life," and Managing Partner of Crown Communications Group, a management consultancy in Los Angeles. He has written and produced many financial management print and audio-tape programs, and his articles have appeared in "Investors Business Daily," "Sylvia Porter's," "Your Money", "The Capitalist Reporter", "The Journal of Accountancy," and many other financial publications.

If you wish to sign up, register as soon as possible by sending e-mail to KeyPubs@KeyPubs.com and saying "I want to sign up for your course!"

Instructor Bio

Robert Moskowitz, the course instructor, is not a licensed financial planner. His expertise comes strictly from his own investing, as well as from writing about investing since 1968 when he began writing and editing investment information for Prentice Hall.

In addition to having created the "Savvy Investing" course, some of his other credentials include the following:

Partner, "Money Tours", a comprehensive financial education Web site offered as an employee benefit by employers and their third-party 401(k) administrators, and also offered to clients by licensed financial planners.

Founding Editor, "Innerworth", a Web site devoted to investment psychology.

Director of Client Development, GlobalNetFinancial.com, a financial education Web site where he wrote the answers to the "Ask The Expert" feature.

KOCE-TV's "Dollar$ and Sense" telecourse encompassing 26 half-hour shows on personal finance; performed as the on-air host covering computer and Internet resources for personal financial management; July -September, 1998. Aired nationally through 1999 and beyond. Winner: 1998 Los Angeles Area Emmy, Instructional Programming.

Author: Real Estate Investors Toolbox, and Financial Planning When Your Time Is Limited (cassette programs), Hume Financial Publishers, Atlanta, GA, 1985-1888.

Publisher, High Profit Investing, eight page newsletter edited and published for 1,000 subscribers, self, 1983-1987

Author, hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles for dozens of national magazines, including business publications such as: Hemispheres (United Airlines), Investor's Business Daily, Journal of Accountancy, Sylvia Porter's Personal Finance, Your Money (formerly Money Maker, the financial sister publication of Consumer Digest), The Capitalist Reporter, and Free Enterprise; 1970-present.

Editor, Prentice Hall Publishing, Executive Reports Division, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1968-1970. He wrote, edited, and supervised the production of six monthly newsletters on business management, sales, and wealth-building topics for this business newsletter and book publisher

Thanks for your interest. We hope to see you in virtual class.

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