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Retirement Jobs
by Robert Moskowitz

The notion of retirement jobs at first seems contradictory. After all, doesn't "retirement" mean that we stop working? To some, perhaps. But not to Baby Boomers and those who are coming after.

For hundreds of generations, men and women have been working almost from the time they were toddlers until they become too weak with illness or age to perform any more useful tasks. It was only in the heyday of the Industrial Age, when a single person could hold a good-paying job and earn enough to support a whole family by working only 40 or 50 hours a week, that the notion of "retirement" was developed - at least partly to make way for younger workers eager to find good jobs.

But the Baby Boom generation - some 75 million Americans and countless millions in other nations born approximately between 1945 and 1965 - never accepted the idea of giving up their jobs for retirement and being forced to spend days, weeks, and months in total idleness.

This is the generation that pioneered the active lifestyle, and that now seems bent on continuing that activity right up until the last possible moment. Holding a job during retirement fits their expectations to a "t".

That's one reason why retirement jobs are becoming not only acceptable in the 21st Century, but more and more commonplace.

The other reason is equally understandable: additional retirement income. The truth is that most people simply don't have enough savings to support themselves in retirement as comfortably as they would like. If you're earning 10% on your nest egg, it takes $120,000 of savings to produce about $1,000 per month. And of course, that $1,000 will fluctuate as the stock market and other investments go through their inevitable up and down cycles.

You want $2,000 per month? You better come up with a quarter of a million dollars. How many people had a job that allowed them to pile up that kind of savings?

But with a retirement job, you need work only 25 hours per week to make an extra $1,000 per month. And that's assuming a basic salary of only $10 per hour. If you can earn more - perhaps as a retired crafts or trades person, or as a retired professional or administrator - you can earn more (or work less) and still bump your lifestyle from frugal to satisfying. Do a little checking and you'll see how easy is to offer some "consultant services" based on your past work history. Consultants usually work only a few hours at a time and earn $25, $50, even $100 per hour, or more!

And remember that every $1,000 you earn with your retirement job allows you to leave your savings invested for just that much longer, earning even more money to further improve your retirement lifestyle.






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