Hydrogen Peroxide's Many Uses
By Rayni Joan

Of all the home remedies your grandparents used regularly, hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, available readily at dollar stores and drug stores, is perhaps the easiest and least costly to acquire. Hydrogen peroxide solution, composed only of water and oxygen (H202), is a most useful liquid! It should be in everyone's kitchen and bathroom cupboards.

Here are some cleaning and sanitizing uses of the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution, followed by a number of interesting links about hydrogen peroxide:

Mouthwash: Mix equal parts peroxide solution and water. Hold in your mouth for 3 minutes (during your shower, for example) swish around, then spit out. Keeps away canker sores and whitens your teeth. Note that hydrogen peroxide is the main ingredient of commercial teeth-whiteners.

Toothbrushes: Soak toothbrushes for an hour in a cup of peroxide on cleaning day, or everyday. Kills bacteria and lengthens toothbrush life.

Cleaning Around The House: Mix 2 parts hydrogen peroxide to one part water in a spray bottle. Spray regularly on kitchen and bathroom counters, tile, shower curtains, inside of refrigerator, lunchboxes, and dishwasher. Use on cutting boards, too, but rinse off especially well afterwards.

Vegetables: Add 1 capful of hydrogen peroxide to 2 cups of water and dip vegetables in the solution. Very useful for cleaning off organic wastes or pesticide residues. Afterwards, rinse well with plain water. Remember that organic vegetables must be cleaned as carefully as non-organic, since organic soil is rich with substances good for vegetables but not for direct ingestion (e.g., manure).

Plants: Spray a mix of equal parts peroxide and water directly onto plants for killing parasites and weeds.

An entire book dedicated to info on hydrogen peroxide:

Gary Null reports that controversial hydrogen peroxide therapy has been found "effective against some types of cancer, leukemia, arthritis, coronary heart disease, arterial circulation disorders, colitis, gum diseases, and assorted childhood diseases:

Allaying some fears, this report asserts that tooth whiteners with peroxide do not cause cancer:

Dr. David G. Willliams, The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide at:

"Bio-oxidative medicine is the addition of oxygen directly to the tissues of the body in the form of singlet oxygen (lone oxygen atoms) in a highly reactive state." Article on intravenous hydrogen peroxide therapy by Ron Kennedy, MD at:

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has hydrogen peroxide info at:

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