The Attribute of Compassion
Author Unknown

Like Buddha, the Master Jesus, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, or Kuan Yin, the ascended deity of compassion and mercy, resolve to discover your infinite connection to all of Creation through compassion, without judgment. It is vital to turn the Love that you are inward, toward yourself. The ground for compassion for all is prepared by practicing gentleness and sensitivity toward yourself. It begins with self-compassion.

Rarely have you given yourself the extreme care and kindness for which your spirit longs. Egos and minds have made it virtually impossible for you to render a true appraisal of yourself. It is not easy to be self-compassionate when the ego enjoys the drama of resentment and the mind is used to self-loathing.

Compassion is an attribute of Divine consciousness and, when applied, is a deeply spiritual experience that cultivates a loving relationship with all it encounters. Stemming from the Love that you are, being compassionate allows you to make a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness.

Develop and nurture compassion daily by both embracing and celebrating your capabilities and strengths, and seeking the forgiveness of yourself for your life actions that you would like to avoid. As you begin to soften, extending forgiveness, tenderness, warmth, and sensitivity toward yourself, you will find many beliefs and judgments that have kept your consciousness low, departing. Shame, guilt, and despair will literally pour out of your body, leaving room for more Light and Love to expand within you.

As you administer compassion to yourself, you will find it easier to do the same with others. Much of humanity's lack of compassion is a result of not feeling a mutual resonance with the world around them.

Each of you holds the memory of what it is like to be fully supported and surrounded with unconditional Love. Most of your memory has been deeply buried, however, causing each of you to behave irrationally at one time or another in an attempt to be recognized or loved. Rather than understanding the pain one must be in to exhibit such behavior, hearts have shut down, judgment has increased, separation has widened, and compassion has lessened. This has caused further decline of humanity and planet Earth.

Compassion sees all with deep understanding—understanding that the one not appearing as Love is still suffering the effects of mistaken identity and separation anxiety. When you or another is suffering, it is compassion, not contempt, that will shed Light.

You may ask the question, "But how can I show compassion to one who has killed or maimed, dishonored or abused?" You show compassion for yourself by choosing to disengage your thoughts from judging another's behavior. You always have choice. You can either submit to the ego with its compulsive drive to create separation, or rise above it, choosing compassion. In the moment you disengage your thoughts from the outcome you would prefer for yourself or others, you have shown compassion for yourself and silently given peace to another. You have chosen your peace over your suffering. And, seen or not, you have given peace on some level to a fellow God in human form.

The purpose of compassion is to open your heart, regardless of your opinion. No doubt, this is daunting to our human conditioning. We have not been raised to live and let live. We have been raised to judge and be judged. Exhibiting compassion, developing the natural part of yourself, is how you break the cycle.

Each time you are compassionate, you become a living bridge of Love and Light, closing the gap of separation. Each time you choose to be compassionate, you have chosen to be more of God. Each time you do not, you express yourself as a mere fraction of who you are.