Careers in Alternative Energy
By Rayni Joan

Although there's controversy regarding whether oil and gas supplies will last ten, forty, or a hundred more years, one thing is clear: they won't last forever. Therefore, we must find acceptable alternatives. In the burgeoning fields of alternative and renewable energy, career opportunities are growing. Why not consider choosing work in such a meaningful and important field?

Solar and wind energy companies need engineers, analysts, scientists, and support staff to meet the increasing demands for their services worldwide. These engineering positions usually require a degree in civil, electrical or mechanical engineering. Duties may include developing, building, testing, measuring, installing, and operating new technologies, processes and equipment in photovoltaic and wind turbine systems. As businesses clamor for new sustainable methods to get their jobs done, customized equipment becomes a requirement. As a result, consulting companies are scrambling to hire trained professionals to meet this new demand for renewable, "green" solutions.

If engineering is not your calling, think about other possibilities. Wind turbine farms require large parcels of land. One new career field is that of Land Lease Manager, a real estate professional who can negotiate Right of Way and other tricky property agreements

If writing is your forte, you can consider writing about alternative energy. Firms like Wal-Mart have recently hit the news with their new, green policies. Someone has to create and implement these media strategies, and the public relations departments of large companies look for talent to bring their talking points to the public.

If you excel in interpersonal skills, you could consider customer service with a sustainable energy company. People call in need of solutions, and you need a basic understanding of their predicament in order to direct them to the proper place.

From receptionist to accountant to executive manager, if you choose a career in the field of sustainable energy solutions, you'll be part of a new, growing movement away from our dependence on fossil fuels.

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