Small Business Computing
A Course Via E-Mail

 "Most writers about computers in small businesses should be taken out and shot. Robert Moskowitz should be given a medal!" - Bernard Kamoroff, author, Small Time Operator

Course Title: Small Business Computing -- Not The Technology

Available: Anywhere in the world, sent to you via your own personal e-mail address.
Cost: $40 for 8 weeks of e-mail course lessons.

Course Instructor: Robert Moskowitz, author of "Small Business Computing -- A Guide In Plain English," and Managing Partner of Crown Communications Group, a management consultancy in Los Angeles.

Course Description: This is an eight week course in using personal computers in small businesses that focuses on practical realities of applying basic computer operations to any small business process, organization, or project. br>
Students will learn how to:

  • Identify and understand basic computer operations and capabilities
  • Analyze a business process, organization, project or plan in terms of its needs for information processing
  • Understand the basic functions of popular computer hardware elements
  • Understand the basic functions of popular computer software packages
  • Apply specific computer processes and capabilities to specific business elements (as above)

Students who complete the course will be able to computerize all or any part of a business, and work closely with more technically proficient computer specialists (as needed or desired) to make maximum use of available computer technology and use it to better achieve the goals of the business.

This course should significantly enhance the career capabilities and potential level of effectiveness and success in business operations for those who successfully complete it.

The course is given as a "self study" course, which means during the eight week period we simply exchange files, which you can review at your leisure. You deliver your homework, and make your comments, ask questions, etc. via email, and I reply the same way. This means conflicting schedules are a thing of the past. You can cover the material and do the work whenever it is convenient for you. I'll give you more details on how it works after you sign up.

Thanks for your interest. Hope to see you in virtual class.

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